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Tweaks for Preachers


  • Preach faith, not frustrations.
  • Never obsess on one individual in the congregation.
  • The Word is food, not weaponry.
  • Pull, don’t push.
  • Beating down a door is a criminal act.
  • Questions are not threats.
  • 100% success is not possible.
  • People do love you.  Love them back.
  • Not everyone who responds cheers.
  • A cheer leader succeeds if the audience cheers, if that’s all you  want.
  • You may be full-time, but your people are not.
  • Don’t force everyone into the same mold.
  • Not every fight is a good fight. 
  • In the church, silence does not give consent.
  • You get what you preach.
  • Training is the hardest, but most rewarding work.
  • Talk to children if you want vibrancy.
  • Talk to young people if you want to know what’s going on.
  • Talk to working people if you want to know about stressors.
  • Talk only to a few elites if you want to be warped.
  • Talk to the elderly if you want to know truth.
  • Talk to your family if you want to know what others are thinking.
  • Talk to nobody if you want to shrink into irrelevance.
  • Talk to God if you want direction.
  • People change through education, not sensation.
  • Make form follow function.
  • The seeds of truth need the preparation of the plow.
  • Diversity for diversity’s sake is demeaning.
  • Lead people to God; don’t become their god.
  • Don’t blink.  Nothing is NOT happening.
  • Leadership is largely optics.
  • To love is not only to feel, but to act.
  • You cannot say yes to something without saying no to something else.
  • Inspiration is a quivering mass of protoplasm unless you have a skeletal structure.
  • The will of God most often guts the will of man.
  • Leadership needs consensus, but often forgoes companionship.

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