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Trump as President:  Thoughts on the 2016 Presidential Election and Aftermath

I visited a country church back in May of 2016 and a farmer walked up to greet me.  He proudly pointed to a Trump button on his lapel and grinned.  I knew then that this was going to be big.  I had never seen anyone at the grass roots level do anything remotely like that before. 

Trump campaigned as an uncouth, brash, plain-spoken man, just like most of America.  People forgot about his billionaire status because he didn’t act like an elitist.  He talked like your buddy at the machine across the aisle, or your ill-mannered uncle that makes everyone laugh at the family reunion.

The ground game, usually credited to the Democrats, actually worked for the Republicans this election cycle.  It was not organized top down, but was more spontaneous and driven by passionate believers in Trump’s policies.  This is how conservatives defeated Clinton and, by virtue of that victory, Obama’s legacy.  If liberals want to win back power, they will not get there by riots, protests and calls for assassination.  (Yes, really!)  Go to the ground game and try convincing America that liberal policies are better for the country.  If that doesn’t work, then observe your liberal ideas privately in your own home.  That’s what you told conservatives to do. 

Elitism is dead … or at least I hope so.  Wisdom is different than knowledge.  The people with more degrees than a thermometer have no greater wisdom than the average Joe in proverbial Podunk. 

Liberals overlooked Bill Clinton’s shenanigans because they liked his politics.  The same liberals castigated Donald Trump’s indiscretions because they hated his politics.  Reminds me that the issue is never the issue. 

Left-leaning university students had a post-election meltdown because, evidently, they had never been forced to deal with adversity.  Professors allowed them to opt out of tests if the election made them too upset.  These universities are supposed to be preparing these students for the ups and downs of life.  There is a bigger test than a mid-term coming.  When they fail, who will they blame?

If you could superimpose the electoral map county by county upon a demographic map of welfare recipients, I wonder if blue areas would be a perfect match. 

Do the anti-Trump protestors in the streets have jobs? 

Why does Lawrence O’Donnell still have a job?

How did Juan Williams ever get a job?

It’s been nearly 100 years since the GOP had the kind of political power they received Tuesday, November 8, 2016.  That could be a meaningless statistic if they don’t use it.

Your legacy is only as strong and durable as your successor makes it.  BHO is about to find that out. 

BHO’s greatest legacy is that he lifted the hopes and ambitions of an oppressed race to the highest level of achievement.  Whether one agreed with his politics or not, that cannot be denied.

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Reader Comments (1)

The left - leaning colleges; I feel so sorry for the kids in them that are 'relatively' decent. There is a Junior at UC Berkeley, Kalia Kirk. She made a sandwich board and put on one side of it - if you are black, Mexican Muslim, gay, etc., you are loved. That isn't an exact quote, but close enough.
And I thought, she's right; Jesus loves them all, but..................; you have to come to Him now; He's done His part; He made the way for them to come to Him. I hope at least some of them are hearing that. I know there will be only a 'remnant'. Those poor kids; it makes me weep if I think n it too long. I attend Gateway Christian Fellowship, San Bernardino, ca.; Pastor Adrian Mclain. It's a UPC. It was started in 1966 by Pastor Howard Davis. He died 3 yrs. ago at age 87. When it began it was First Apostolic Ch.

November 12, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterSydney Heimericks

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