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Murphy’s Laws for Smart Cell Phones

Your phone will ring when you reach the farthest point away from it in your house

Your battery will die just before you make or receive an urgent phone call.

Someone will call you while you are on an important call and the noise will cancel out a critical message.

You will press the send button just before you notice that your autocorrect feature printed an embarrassing message.

The embarrassing message will always be sent to someone who has no sense of humor.

Your cell phone will ring loudly in the middle of a funeral or church service, or in the library.

If you tell people to turn off their cell phones in a meeting, yours will be the one that rings.

Your cell phone will always ring while you are taking a shower.

When your cell phone rings while taking a shower and you scramble out of the tub soaking wet and slip on the floor, it will be a wrong number.

The phone call you miss will always be the most important one.

You will abort one out of two important phone calls by inadvertently touching the hang-up button with your chin.

Your cell phone will change its own settings without your knowledge, causing you to miss alerts, emails and phone calls.

When you are in a crowd of people, someone else’s ringer will sound like yours along with half of the other phones in the room, making each person will break his or her arm trying to quickly answer the call so as not to disturb everyone else.

Your smart phone will decide by itself to delete, move to trash or permanently hide an important message or email.

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