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We Can’t Talk About This

Interested in hot-button topics? 

Sorry.  You’ll have to go someplace else. 

First Amendment rights don’t fly in the USA anymore. 


So…we can’t talk about Islamic extremists.

We can’t talk about Islamic terrorism or jihad.

We can’t talk about winning wars.

We can’t talk about anything that smacks of racism.  (That’s almost everything.)

We can’t talk about anything that hints of homophobia.  (That’s about everything else.)

We can’t talk about the Second Amendment.  (Right to bear arms.)

We can’t talk about abortion.

We can’t talk about socialism, Marxism or communism.

We can’t talk about anything pro-Israeli.

We can’t talk about building up our nuclear arsenal.

We can’t talk about American exceptionalism.

We can’t talk about winning the cold war.

We can’t talk about Ronald Reagan.

We can’t talk about unions.

We can’t talk about entitlements.

We can’t talk about the burden of taxation.

We can’t talk about being a strict Constitutionalist.

We can’t talk about the Tenth Amendment.  (States rights.)

We can’t talk about…whatever else the MSM deems inappropriate or hate speech.


We can talk about the weather…No, WAIT!  Not if it’s about Climate change.

We can talk about religion…No, WAIT!  Not if Jesus Christ is brought up.

We can talk about holidays…No, WAIT!  Not if Christmas, Good Friday or Easter is mentioned.

We can talk about our jobs…No, WAIT!  Not if we talk about white-collar jobs.


We have nothing to talk about anymore.

I guess I’ll just shut up and go sit in the corner.

Can I do that?

And, by the way, please forgive me.

It’s the way I was raised.

They told me to speak my mind.

They taught me to think for myself.

Old habits are hard to break.

Funny…free speech, I mean. 

I always had the feeling that it wouldn’t work.

What were those founding fathers thinking?

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Reader Comments (1)

I'm not sure I understood this post! :)

You are clearly talking about all those things, and more, and frankly, you do a pretty good job of espousing your views, and doing it eloquently.


October 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTim Garcia

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