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I Love America

I am profoundly offended and wholly outraged by the leader of our nation who has daned to offer untoward apologies for the greatest nation that has ever existed on the face of the earth. If this nation is so abysmal, why do millions of foreigners want to come here? The United States of America counts 38,355,000 immigrants as a segment of its total population. (2005) That is three times more than the next in line, Russia. In fact, the total immigrants taken in by Russia, Germany, Ukraine and France combined amount to less than our immigration totals. This does not include the illegal immigrants who flood over our borders. I do not hate America. I love America. Would to God that someone would speak for us and tell the world how much we love this nation. Maybe it could go something like this.

I love America because it represented and delivered hope in 1910 for a poor, sixteen year old Greek immigrant who became my grandfather. Where else but America could he start his own business and later become a pastor and then a bishop?

I love America because it has opened its doors wide to the poor, the repressed and the persecuted of the world since its inception in 1776.

I love America because it has willingly and sacrificially rushed to the defense of nations who were under attack from tyrants and dictators.

I love America because, with pride, I have walked down the long rows of white crosses and Stars of David marking the graves of Americans who died in Germany, France, Belgium and other nations. By contrast, this nation has no such graves of foreign soldiers who fought to defend us.

I love America because it has assumed the enormous burden of manpower and expense to defend the free world against hostile regimes and totalitarianism.

I love America because when it successfully defended its sister nations against invasion, it had no designs of imperialism. Instead, it withdrew its forces (unless asked to stay), turned the country back to its elected leaders, and went home.

I love America because it has supplied the materials and manpower to rebuild nations that have been torn by war and natural disasters.

I love America because it has generously contributed to the welfare of people around the world who experienced great hardship and deprivation.

I love America because its laws extend basic, individual freedoms and rights to people of all races, creeds, colors and religions.

I love America because it has been big enough to recognize its failures and sins, and has corrected many of its errors of the past even though the bloodshed and economic cost was devastating.

I love America because it has shouldered the task of feeding the world with its vast supply of grain from its rich interior and its hardworking farmers.

I love America because it has opened the doors of thousands of colleges and universities to millions of students from every nation under the sun.

I love America because it has provided a safe haven for gifted people to cultivate their genius and superior abilities and gave them the freedom to develop their potential to the fullest extent possible.

I love this nation because it has encouraged investors, risk-takers and entrepreneurs to work hard and realize their dreams.

I love this nation because, although it is less than 250 years old, it has the greatest cities, the greatest plains, the greatest national parks, the greatest system of superhighways, the finest health care research and facilities, the greatest educational establishment, the widest variety of vocations, the greatest economy, the greatest corporations and proportionally the largest middle class of any nation in history.

I love America because nobody has ever told me which God to serve, which faith to follow, which church to attend or which creed to embrace. I have been free to live my life according to the convictions of my heart.

I love America because my vote is mine alone, no one tells me how to cast my ballot and no one tells me that I have to belong to any political party.

I love America because I can voice my approval or dissent in a letter to the editor, by speaking out in a public forum or by a peaceful demonstration.

If the people who hate this nation were to get their way, none of the above would be true. There is only one reason why they hold their abhorrent views. They believe that if they can tear America down and rebuild it in their own way, they would come out on top of the heap.

America—the way our founding fathers established it—is the best hope for every individual. America is the best hope for black, white, red, yellow or any other color of skin. America is the best hope for any religion or creed. America is the best hope for the student, the business person and the citizen. America is the best hope for any person of faith. America is the best hope for any family. It has been the launching pad for the greatest number of success stories of any people in history.

I love America. I am an American. Do not apologize for me.

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Reader Comments (1)

I'm not sure what "untoward apologies" you are referencing, but surely it is not the case that an apology is an act of self-hatred prima facie.

It is totally congruent to love America, and to apologize when we are wrong, because frankly, we sometimes are wrong and do commit wrongs. We are not infallible, just democratic. =]

I love the freedoms of this country, and I am very grateful I was born here.

October 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTim Garcia

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