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Great Expectations

“…Mary, his espoused wife, being great with child.” Luke 2:5 

According to tradition, Jesus was born December 25, 0000AD.  That means, from the perspective of Mary and Joseph, on…

  • December 24, no one knew what would happen December 25.
  • December 24, Mary was still expecting.
  • December 24, Mary was miserable.
  • December 24, Joseph was frantic.
  • December 24, nothing seemed to be working out.
  • December 24, the world of Caesars was oppressive.
  • December 24, sharing a barn with animals was all they could do.
  • December 24, the promises of God were still just promises.
  • December 24, Mary was trying to recall he angel’s words.
  • December 24, the world was experiencing a pregnant moment.

Although men will never know first hand, we hear that the last trimester of pregnancy is an excruciating ordeal for mothers-to-be.  Their backs ache and cramp, their patience runs thin (and not much else feels thin!), their entire bodies scream out for relief. 

Panicked thoughts swirled in the prospective mother’s mind.  Will anybody help me?  Is the baby turned the right way?  Is it going to be a normal birth?  Will it be healthy?  Will I have a hard time?  Can I stand the pain?  Will we be able to take care of the baby?  Will Joseph be a good father?  Why couldn’t I just be home for this?

But none of these questions tormented the real father of the baby in Mary’s womb.  The Almighty God, the Heavenly Father, the Author and Finisher of our Faith knew some things that Mary and Joseph only hoped for.  From God’s perspective, He knew on…

  • December 24, what would happen December 25.
  • December 24, that Mary was delivered by faith.
  • December 24, that Mary would soon be ecstatic.
  • December 24, that Joseph would be calm and collected.
  • December 24, that everything would work out.
  • December 24, that the world of Caesars was irrelevant.
  • December 24, that a barn esd better than the best neo-natal unit.
  • December 24, that the promises of God were absolute truths.
  • December 24, that Mary should have believed the angel’s words.
  • December 24, that the world was about to receive her savior.

It is amazing how quickly, in one moment, nine months of morning sickness and misery vanished.  Afterwards, Mary must have reflected on these incredible events…

The promises of God are tried by adversity.  Sometimes they seem more like a burden to bear than a joy to possess.  But, the troubling circumstances of the pregnancy, the taxation and census, the long road to travel to Bethlehem, and the treatment at the hand of the innkeeper were not enough to abort the promised Messiah.

The promises of God are touched by angels.  God sees to it that his call on our lives comes with a brush, a glimpse, a touch of a supernatural quality.  He does not give us everything, but enough for us to know that He is present and is calling to us.

The promises of God are truths for all time.  Yesterday’s faith becomes today’s facts.  The “Incarnation Celebration” stands as the ultimate proof of the promises of God.  His promises are always great expectations.  May you and you loved ones experience great joy throughout this Christmas season. 

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