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You know you’re a grandfather when . . .

The only time you enjoy spending money is on your grandkids.

You seldom play golf unless your grandkids are playing.

You’re only happy to answer the phone when your grandkids call.

The only people who touch your hair are the barber and grandkids.

You look forward to recitals when your grandkids are performing.

You pay attention to your grandkids grade reports.

Until your grandkids came along, you hated stories about kids.

You don’t get upset when your grandkids mess up your clothes.

You laugh at any joke your grandkids tell.

You let your grandkids laugh at your clothes or hairstyle.

You never talked like a baby until you had grandkids.

You scold anyone who criticizes your grandkids.

You never held a baby more than a minute until you had grandkids.

You never watched a baby breathe until you had grandkids.

You insist on hearing any news about your grandkids.

Your grandkids parents never treat them good enough.

No cheap toys will work for your grandkids.

No one is smarter or better looking than your grandkids.

You never prayed more passionately until you had grandkids.

If these things are true, you have earned the title of grandfather!

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