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Questions You Love to Hate

oops.jpg“You did keep the receipt, didn’t you?”
“Did you turn off the stove?”
“The expiration date on that hamburger meat was good, wasn’t it?”
“My insurance will cover this flood, won’t it?”
“You did ask him which kidney he was going to remove, didn’t you?”
“You did get your flu shot, didn’t you?”
“Did you shut the upstairs windows?”
“Did you get my check out of my pocket before you washed my pants?”
“Did you remember to let the dog out yesterday?”
“Quick, do you have an air sickness bag?”
“Now, where did I put that hunting license?”
“Did you pack the phone charger?”
“Did I tell you that mother was coming?”
“You can wait until the next rest area, can’t you?”
“Why is the cover standing open on the gas tank?”
“You paid that insurance bill, didn’t you?”
“What? Don’t you trust me?”
“You do know where this place is, don’t you?”
“What time did you say the wedding was?”
“Did you just call me by your old girlfriend’s name?”
“This isn’t the pair of pants with the rip in the back, is it?”
“Was that wet paint?”
“Think you can beat that red light?”
“Was that a cop back there?”
“Did you put the vehicle registration in the glove compartment?”
“Didn’t they tell you I had lactose intolerance?”
“Do I look like I am a people person?”
“That camera wasn’t recording just then, was it?”

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