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Critical Leadership Questions

What are you trying to do?

What are you actually doing?

Is what you’re doing working?

What is your evidence that it is working?

If it’s not working, why are you still doing it?

That’s an interesting question:  why ARE you still doing it?

Are you interested in real results or in simply going through the motions?

Why don’t you stop and find out what will work?

If what will really work costs more and takes more time, are you still willing to do it?

If you aren’t willing to do what it takes, why haven’t you given the job to someone else?

That’s another interesting question: Why HAVEN’T you giving the job to someone else?

If you do know what will work, why aren’t you doing it?


More Leadership Questions

Define sacrifice in terms of your area of responsibility.

What do you consider minimum effort in your job/ministry?

What would you consider maximum effort?

If a continuum were drawn between the two, where would you place yourself?

Do you see yourself primarily as a facilitator, innovator, executive, planner or a resource?

What role do you play in actually getting things done?

Be honest: does your personality help or hinder your ability to get things done?

Were you put in your position because of performance or reward?

Would you subject yourself to a performance review?

Would you appoint yourself to your position if there were other people in the running?

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