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Even More Tweaks for Preachers . . .


  1. Humor is seasoning, not the main course.
  2. Lone wolves get weird.
  3. Trust your spouse.
  4. Protect your voice.
  5. College-aged sermons are lost on elementary level minds.
  6. The more complicated your sermon, the less impact it will have.
  7. Emulate, don’t imitate.
  8. Real-life illustrations are better than Reader’s Digest stories.
  9. A walk in the woods may do more for your message than quoting a Bible commentary.
  10. An ethical spirit is more important than aptitude.
  11. Don’t be co-opted by a duplicitous colleague.
  12. Never be afraid of doing the right thing.
  13. In competitive play, be lighthearted, not fierce.
  14. Make every trip educational.
  15. Treat everything thing you see, hear or read in the news media with healthy skepticism.
  16. Never abandon your theme.
  17. Under a microscope, everyone is ugly.
  18. Learn the difference between a preference and a conviction.
  19. Your ego may be your number one enemy.
  20. Only the pastor, not assistants, should define and enforce church polity.
  21. Keep your preaching from becoming haranguing.
  22. Do not empower people without giving them specific parameters.
  23. Finish strong.
  24. All programs have expiration dates.
  25. Always activate your word editor in public.
  26. Sermons are like recipes: good ones are worth repeating.
  27. Only full transparency makes your mentor’s advice valid.
  28. Occasionally, ask yourself if you would do what you do if you were not getting paid.
  29. Selfish leadership exploits people.
  30. The antithesis of gratitude is greed.

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Reader Comments (1)

Pastor thank you again for your insight. I will advertise your ministry on my website. Do you have video or audio? The Lord bless you.

September 11, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterPaul Thomas

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