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Welcome to ThinkingInColor!


papa&kinzie.jpgWhy another blog?


Good question.  The immediate reason is that I hurt my back and during the seven weeks (and counting) that it has taken to recover, I needed to do something useful.


The second practical reason is that I came across Squarespace Publishing.  I was so impressed with the ease of blogging…not to mention the first month free…that I thought…why not?


Next, I had lots of content that I had produced over the years that I thought other people may find interesting.  I don’t really want to do the typical blog by writing a daily or occasional comment on the passing scene, but I do want to share some stuff I was inspired to write over a number of years. 


And then, you know how things go.  I began posting an article here, a poem there…and it grew into more stuff.  Favorite links, recommended reading, media files, Bible studies…  Before I knew it, I had this gargantuan website overloaded with things that I like to read, write and view.  It’s out there now, accessed by millions…actually about a hundred or so different subscribers.  The feedback has been nice. 


An interesting thing about this…and I may write on it…is that a blog can become an ego trip for the blogger.  I’m sure that I am in as much danger of this as anyone.  Of course, every writer has to have some ego to write in the first place.  I guess the catch is not to think of oneself as the brightest bulb in the ceiling.  The best thing that can happen is that every reader finds some affirmation in something here.  It would also be nice to spark some original thinking as well.


At any rate, ThinkingInColor is just putting something else out there for you to chew on. 


Thanks for stopping by.


(By the way, that’s me holding MaKinzie Manning Jordan, grandchild number one!)