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How do guns shoot people? 

Evidently, society has passed me up and left me among the ruins of history.  Here are a few things that I need to know.

How do guns shoot people?

How is transgenderism not living in a world of make-believe?

How does celebrity status qualify one to become a pundit or hero?

How is a religion of hate better than a religion of love?

How does spending trillions that we don’t have not bankrupt us?

How do politicians keep their jobs when they don’t do their jobs?

How does government stay out of the bedroom and then go into the bathroom?

How is it that the right to privacy includes abortion, but not what we eat or drink?

How is defending oneself seen as aggressive and warlike?

How does a lying media lead to a truthful society?

How does continually bashing our country make us better?

Why do we think the enemies of our country just want to help us be a better country?

How does burning the flag make citizens respect people that do the burning?

Exactly why is patriotism wrong?

Exactly who defines political correctness?

Why does this nation need to be like other nations when so many people from other nations want to come to this nation?

Why is diversity celebrated more than unity and harmony?

Why do we pass more laws when we don’t enforce the laws we have?

How can we fail to teach history and then expect citizens to understand this country?

How can we pass “F” students and expect them to get an “A” in life?

How can we exempt criminals from punishment and expect them to become model citizens?

How can writers trash Christianity in movies and TV shows and expect people to respect faith?

How can we glorify illicit sex in movies and TV shows and not understand why it happens in real life?

How does the right of free speech protect profanity but not the pulpit?

Somebody, please enlighten me.

One thing I don’t need to be enlightened on:  Unprotected freedom eventually leads to slavery.

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