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Mainstream Media Prostitutes

Nothing is quite so ridiculous as wrinkled-skinned, age-spotted, raspy-voiced, cigarette-breathed, half-smashed old prostitute who has dolled herself up with barn paint smeared on her lips, a frosted wig perched on her head, Christmas tree ornaments hanging from her ears, crooked mascara lines zigzagging across her brow, sashaying down the street in search of a hapless client. So goes today’s media, whose rabid partisanship has savaged any noble ideals of fairness in journalism that was once the hallmark of their profession. Not only do their presses churn out toxic propaganda sewage, they have deluded themselves into believing that they are neutral. It’s hogwash straight from the nations pig farms.

Their hyprocisy makes their pontificating and preachiness to the public that much more repugnant. Where do this media get off lecturing politicians about proper subject material to address in their campaigns? Why should they even think they can determine what we should talk about and what we should avoid! What unholy trinity of demi-gods sits in a penthouse boardroom in mid-town Manhattan and thinks it can say what is news and what isn’t; what should be reported and what shouldn’t; what should be investigated and what shouldn’t? Their lopsided liberalism, their globalism, their socialistic ideas and their anti-capitalistic mindset has so skewed their objectivity that they have gone beyond a simple violation of trust. They now represent a danger to America.

These are strong words. I’m tempted to say that, in the vein of the contemporary media, I need no verification. To say it makes it true. I have too much respect, however, for the intelligence of my readers. So, how is the media a danger to America? Witness their kid glove treatment of Ahmadinejad. Analyze their selective reporting of news coming out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Watch them circle the wagons around sworn enemies of America to mute any criticism of them. Examine the inordinate amount air time and print space they give to their pet causes that are too often degrading, embarrassing or harmful to American interests. (e.g. Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib.) Weigh their relentless skewering of a President who is attempting to make America safe. Note how many times they run to advocates of their philosophies and quote anything they have to say—a sophomoric practice that provides them cover against criticism for being biased. “We’re just reporting what they said!” Yeah, right. These are more than political positions which are fair game for criticism. Too often they have crossed the line into treasonous statements and have dealt a staggering blow to the morale of United States troops.

Somebody needs to stand up to the media and put them in their place. They should no longer set the tone and parameters for presidential debates. They should no longer be given a carte blanche to campaign reporting. The media good-old-boy networks that dominate all press releases and effectively cordon off all alternative news outlets should be stripped of their privileges and thrown into a lottery system to gain access to any national event so they have to compete for the chance just like everyone else. The alphabet soup networks have had a monopoly way too long in this country. They have turned the free reign with which they have operated into corruption and an abuse of power that would bring down most private corporations in a landslide of lawsuits and prison sentences.

I am tired of the media acting like the fourth branch of government. I am tired of people whom nobody elected and over whom nobody has control wielding such enormous power in this society. Yes, free press and free speech is a constitutional right. Exclusive access to privileges by and through which a few people can maintain a stranglehold on a nation is not a constitutional right.

I have two theories, both of which are related. First, I believe it is obvious in the extreme that the mainstream media acts in conjunction with all its sympathetic players. Otherwise, how can ten or more news outlets hold almost the identical view on almost everything? Moreover, how can all the outlets come out with the same story on the same day, and most of the time use identical terms and phrases to write or report their story? The law of averages militates against it. It may not be conspiratorial, but it is, at the very least, coordinated and orchestrated.

My second theory is that the mainstream media has been greatly threatened by the presence of talk radio. Therefore, they have banded together to throw their weight to the other side of the spectrum in an attempt to regain their influence and to assert themselves in the political process. If this means that they lose any vestige of objectivity that they may have had in the past, so be it. If this means that they become intrusive, obnoxious and shrill in their political advocacy, so be it. They may think they have nothing to lose. The print media has steadily lost ground over the past few years due to the rise of the internet, so they are desperate. The television media has seen its viewing audience shrink in the same time period to the point that they need act boldly in order to reclaim their share of the market. Hence, their non-published goal is a no-holds barred partisan power-grab. Their published goal, however, remains to simply report “all the news that’s fit to print.” Foot note to the media: you have zero credibility in my book. A growing number of people agree with me. Officiating at funerals is my specialty. Call me.

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Reader Comments (1)

Talk radio is worse than the mainstream media; I have heard so much more hate (raw) and lies and rumor and gossip and appealing to people's fears on AM talk radio, because not only do the hosts have their own partisan agenda, they are unencumbered by any sense of journalistic integrity.

The sad truth is that America is becoming increasingly fractured, and we are no longer listening to each other, but rather, we are suspicious of each other, and are pointing fingers and accusing each other.

I used to watch Fox News until it just became more and more, "GOP TV." Now, I only trust a few true journalists on their network, and most of them aren't even news anchors, but the commentators who are regular guests, such as Maria Liasson from NPR and Charles Krauthammer, a syndicated columnist.

October 9, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTim Garcia

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