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Haters of Christianity: Watch Out! 

Many people do not know how deeply ingrained Judeo-Christian values and philosophies are in the American culture.  The richness and fiber of this influence does not get good billing in our colleges and universities.  As hostility to Christianity increases, citizen need to know that they may be throwing away the values we cherish.  These ideals did not just happen.  Whether secularists like it or not, the source of much of our way of life is the Bible. 

  • Do not lie.
  • Do not kill.
  • Do not steal.
  • Honor your parents.
  • Do not be greedy.
  • Kidnapping is illegal.
  • Prostitution is wrong.
  • Sexual exploitation is a crime.
  • Do not perjure.
  • Do not gossip.
  • Drunkenness is wrong.
  • Parents, do not provoke or abuse your children.
  • Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.
  • Turn the other cheek.
  • Go the second mile.
  • Give a cup of water to the least important people.
  • Be merciful.
  • Take care of the poor.
  • Take care of the injured and sick.
  • Follow peace with all men.
  • Always try for diplomatic solutions.
  • Respect all men.
  • Men should treat women with respect.
  • Don’t be a hypocrite.
  • Don’t be jealous.
  • Be a law-abiding citizen.
  • Don’t charge exorbitantly high prices or interest.
  • No human sacrifices.
  • Do not let the day end with anger in your heart.
  • Love your enemies.
  • Do good to them who mistreat you.
  • Don’t be vain or proud.
  • Don’t broadcast how good or religious you are for public acknowledgement.
  • Forgive those who hurt you.
  • Build your life on a firm foundation.
  • Be generous with your money.
  • The greatest of all attributes is love.
  • Do not take your brother to law.
  • Do not be addicted to any substance.
  • Work out marital conflicts.
  • Don’t make your brother stumble.
  • Pay fair wages to those who work for you.
  • Strive for unity.
  • Make allowances for differences in abilities and giftings.
  • Don’t be vulgar or gross.
  • Share your blessings with others.
  • Parents should provide for their children.
  • Treat all men equally: don’t be biased in favor of the rich or powerful.
  • Restore those who have fallen.
  • Pursue a meek and lowly spirit.
  • Be kind and tenderhearted one to another.
  • Don’t be a flatterer.
  • Don’t patronize.
  • Don’t be lazy or a slacker.
  • Work for your wages with your own hands.
  • Do not be a burden on others.
  • Give cheerfully to worthy causes.
  • Think good and positive thoughts.
  • Be content with what you have.
  • Be patient.
  • Be gentle and forbearing.
  • Be truthful.
  • Aspire to lead a quiet life.
  • Mind your own business.
  • Always be grateful for what you have.
  • Pray for your leaders.
  • Respect your elders.
  • Don’t receive an accusation against someone without two or three witnesses.
  • The love of money is the root of all evil. 

All of these ideals (and there are many more) have their basis in the Bible.  I do not say that they are judiciously followed as much as they should be, but, nonetheless, they certainly have a place in the thinking of our culture.  If the enemies of Christianity have their way, they will expunge as much of our faith as they can from the American way of life.  But, without the underpinnings of the faith, what guarantee do we have that these values will continue to be prevalent?  And, if Christianity becomes so weak that it can’t exist, what new set of ideals will rush into the vacuum?  If America is an exceptional country—and I believe that it is—then the Judeo-Christian value system has provided the framework for it to achieve that status.  Those who wish that source to be gone need to beware! 

A man and his wife owned a very special goose. Every day the goose would lay a golden egg, which made the couple very rich.

“Just think,” said the man’s wife, “If we could have all the golden eggs that are inside the goose, we could be richer much faster.”

“You’re right,” said her husband, “We wouldn’t have to wait for the goose to lay her egg every day.”

So, the couple killed the goose and cut her open, only to find that she was just like every other goose. She had no golden eggs inside of her at all, and they had no more golden eggs. 

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