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If It Were Not For the Children

Aren’t kids great? They make so many things possible, and even convenient. A veritable world of endless possibilities continues to emerge on their behalf. Just think of the things people would not be able to do if children didn’t exist! For example:

Children give politicians an excuse to introduce a smorgasbord of self-serving policies.
Children give divorcing parents reasons to threaten, recriminate and sue each other.
Children give greedy moms an excuse to press for more child support.
Children give deadbeat dads a reason to disappear into thin air.
Children serve as perpetual guinea pigs for far-out educational psychologists.
Children give advertising agencies irresistibly cute little advocates in commercials.
Children give corporations a golden opportunity to hawk their wares.
Children provide the basis for the school transportation industry.
Children keep child protection experts and safety gurus going.
Children guarantee toy manufacturers an endless flow of new business.
Children provide designers with never-ending call for fads, styles, colors and brands.
Children give all of us a tax deduction, but not nearly enough of one.
Children give the pet industry an endless supply of consumers.
Children make the theme park owners and operators annually ecstatic.
Children supposedly provide the motivation for the radical environmental movement.
Children give producers of TV shows and movies a certain and lucrative audience.
Children give pharmaceutical companies a vast market for drugs of dubious use.
Children provide bureaucrats and social workers with thousands of government jobs.
Children give teachers unions a sure-fire platform to keep tenure and stay in business.
Children make restaurateurs like McDonald’s and Chuck E. Cheeses wildly profitable.
Children—-rather, the possibility of them—-maintain business for birth control makers.
Children—-rather, conceiving and then getting rid of them—-ensure work for abortionists.
Children give rock and hip-hop artists a target for violent and suggestive lyrics.
Children keep grandparents in the parenting mode, covering for the real parents.
Children provide a base for demagogues to exploit for government grants and laws.
Children open the door for change agents to subtly angle for cultural revolution.

Yes, children really are the hope of the world…that is the world of authors, lawyers, social workers, pediatricians, orthodontists, Disney executives, therapists, counselors, child psychologists, children’s-rights advocates, fashion designers, ad nauseum and ad infinitum. Some good, some not so good, all gainfully employed. The total exploitation of children that we witness in our society truly forms the front lines of the culture war.

Parent, minister, teacher, child care worker: do not look at children as a platform for any selfish interest you may possess. God has entrusted them to our oversight to prepare them for the adult world, and for eternity. Don’t coddle, spoil or patronize them. Don’t exploit, ignore or abuse them. The only legitimate goals of those truly interested in the spiritual welfare of children should be to train, protect and challenge them to fulfill their design in the eyes of their Maker.

I can’t tell you how critical it is today for us to redouble our efforts to counteract the destructive effects of a twisted and exploitative culture. Too many have bailed out on their responsibilities. Your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, next-door neighbors and children of friends may not have the vision for children like you do. Reach out to them. Especially encourage them to provide a spiritual education for their children. If they can’t—-or won’t—-put yourself out to do it. You may only have a window of five to ten years to make a difference in the young life of a child. Be the bridge they need into their future. They will thank you in eternity.

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