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Dangerous Assumptions for Disciples:

You’ll have time to pray later today.

You’ll catch up on your Bible reading tomorrow.

You’ll never forget that Bible verse you thought of when you woke up this morning.

That dream about falling into a pit of snakes doesn’t mean a thing.

You’ll have the money to double up on your tithes next week.

Just because you didn’t pay your tithes doesn’t mean your car will break down.

Nobody will see you celebrate with your co-workers one time down at the bar.

Your back will be fine if you play golf this Sunday instead of going to church.

Your blessing Sunday morning means that the devil won’t bother you for a month.

The pastor won’t ask you how things are going in your marriage.

The devil wouldn’t dare challenge the commitment you made on Sunday.

No one will miss you at the church work day.

Your spouse won’t mind if that pretty lady (or handsome man) gives you a hug.

Your kids will understand if you bought that motorcycle instead of taking them on the vacation you promised.

That tirade you went on last week will never get back to the pastor.

Nobody expects you to be good all the time.

The pastor will appreciate your scolding of the new convert.

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