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Headlines You Will Probably Never See

historic_headlines.jpg Dad Puts Son Up For Adoption, Cites Failure to Be Good Role Model
Mom Turns Herself In For Spiritual Negligence of Children
Rescued By Police, Rapper Artist Recants Cop-Bashing
Lawyer Resigns Bar, No Longer Wants to Free Known Criminals
Warden Says Rehab Programs Don’t Work, Turns to Churches for Help
Psychological Study Condemns Lying, Profession in Shock
School Teachers Reject Humanistic Curriculum
Welfare Agency Closes, Too Few Requests for Handouts
Public Library Features Bible As #1 Best Seller
Planned Parenthood Backs Monogamy, Nuclear Family
Jesus Christ Awarded Man of Millennium
University Affirms U.S. Judeo-Christian Roots In New Course
Liberal Judge Declares Partial Birth Abortion Barbaric, Wrong
Social Worker Admits Anti-Family Bias
Divorce Has Crippling Effect on Children, Study Says
Class Action Suit Filed, Millions Graduated Without Learning to Read
Court Finds Rock Music Publisher Guilty Of Encouraging Teen Drugs
CEO Pays Back Money Because Of Obscene Profits
Basketball Star Refuses To Make Higher Salary than School Teachers
Actor Quits Movie, Will Not Betray Marriage Vows in Steamy Scene
Student Apologizes For Cheating, Disqualifies Himself for Scholarship
Animal Rights Activist Admits She Did It for the Sponsors’ Money
Denominations’ Decline Linked To Atheism in Seminaries
Twelve-Year Old Says TV Is Bad Influence, Wants It Removed
Media Mogul Vows to Stop Using Sex to Sell Magazines
Internet Shuts Down Entire Porn Industry
Golf Courses Close on Sunday, Encourage Customers to Attend Church
National Enquirer to Stop Running Bogus Stories
PETA Admits Ties to Eastern Religion/New Age Beliefs
Community to Promote Christian Heritage Week
National Organization of Women to Endorse Abstinence
More Couples Staying Married Longer
NEA Says Sunday Schools Provide Good Moral Training
Children Fare Better In Traditional Homes
Casino Operator Discloses Gambling As A Losing Bet
Breweries Found Guilty For Alcohol-Related Deaths
Body-Piercing Shown To Stem From Demonism
Militant Environmental Group Targets System of Capitalism
Seductive Clothing Leads to Promiscuity, Fashion Designer Declares
Prayer Allowed At Graduation
Newspaper to Halt Liquor, Sex Ads
Kids Cartoon Producer to Stop Promoting Violence
Judge Says Constitution Can’t Be Circumvented
Hallmark Corporation Says Homemade Cards Mean More than Retail Cards

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Reader Comments (1)

I am thoroughly enjoying your thought provoking blog.

July 8, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterMark Pryor

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