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The Watcher

“If the master of the house had known … he would have watched.” Matthew 24:43

Picture the scene as a wealthy landlord returns from a leisurely trip and finds the limp, lifeless body of his wife, his children, brutally murdered, lying at their mother’s feet.  He surveys the charred, skeletal remains of his home, the evidence of his loved one’s pitiful attempt to defend themselves and all his possessions stolen. He reels from the devastation.  An overwhelming sense of guilt magnifies his losses. He could have protected them.  He could have known of criminal activity.  He could have returned days earlier to secure his home and family. 

Today, home security systems have risen to become the most sought-after feature of modern home-owners.  You can buy systems that sound alarms, turn on lights, send audio and video  images to your Smart Phone and call the police.  They detect heat, motion, vibration, and opening doors and windows.  Elaborate, state-of-the-art equipment can blanket your house with radar and light-beams.  You can buy smoke, heat, radon and carbon monoxide detectors. 

The saddest aspect of all this security is that it is mislabeled.  It claims to provide security for homes.  House? Yes. Property? Inanimate possessions? Yes. Homes? No. The real attackers that invade homes walk in unnoticed. Sometimes they even have a welcome mat. They come in on the airwaves. They come in attached to the minds and spirits of moms, dads and kids. They look a lot like TV programs and video tapes. They look a lot like splashy magazines, CD’s and DVD’s. They sound a lot like music, lyrics and rap. They sound a lot like the spin, the ideas and words of schools, offices and factories.  Listen! Your alarm is emitting a deafening siren. Criminal activity is at work in your neighborhood.  Rogue masterminds have come to steal minds, corrupt morals, break up homes, plant rebellion and remake your children in the image of the world. 

Who is the master of the house in this scripture?  In our society, because we are structured so differently than that of two thousand years ago, both parents must be labeled as the responsible guardians of the home.  It’s past time to address the care of the minds and spirits of those whom God has entrusted to us.  Don’t be ignorant. Don’t be naive.  Don’t put trust blind trust in the systems of the world. Don’t dismiss the attackers as cute or harmless.

“Children of today are exposed to violence every single day, be it in the home, on the streets, on the TV, in the newspaper, or in the movies. Toddlers are generally engrossed by television cartoons, some of which do carry disturbing humor and violent action’s and messages. Many cartoons are mills of violence. Many children are very attached to violent cartoons. In fact, if you’d ask any kid, he will surely be able to tell you something about his favorite cartoon character. According to research, children who watch too much of violence on TV can are very likely to have emotional and behavioral problems.” ( 

You may have adequate security for your house, but what about your home?  Don’t go to Home Depot or Lowes for the following items:  A Bible.  Prayer time. A church-going habit. Spiritual traditions. Physical, mental and emotional presence. A home in Biblical order. 

Are you investing or ignoring in your loved ones?  Are you willing to make the necessary sacrifices?  Sacrifice the nicer clothes, cars, houses.  Sacrifice the relationship with old friends.  Sacrifice your time spent on yourself.  Stand up to the attackers and say, “Over my dead body!” 

How can you—how DARE you—secure your material possessions at the expense of your real treasures?  Watch!  It’s your responsibility!

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