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Where Is the Revival?

perplexed.jpg Do you find yourself standing around, looking for “something” to happen in your church or your own life? Are you riding out a long drought, hoping that God will send revival? And when nothing happens, do you harbor doubts about yourself, the church or even the Holy Ghost?

From prison, John the Baptist sent messengers to Jesus to ask a startling question, “Art thou he that should come or do we look for another?” If you can imagine it, John had reservations about the Messiah. He had faithfully preached righteousness without compromise, yet, because he had no direct evidence, he expressed doubts about the authenticity of Christ. Despite divine revelations about Jesus, he was ready to look for another.

Question: Has revival dawned with many of us in prison asking if we should look for something else?

Our hearts tell us that something great is on the horizon. Our spirits tell us that revival ought to happen. But prisons of inertia, bars of fear and chains of “we’ve always done it this way” block the real truth. Many events happen so fast that, if we aren’t careful, we could miss the very thing God wants to do in these days. It is scary to think that we might miss the very thing we’ve been looking for so long!

Jesus did not reply that He wasn’t wealthy enough. He didn’t hedge that his political power wasn’t sufficient. He didn’t chastise his followers for lacking the commitment or brains to match their leader.

“Tell John…the blind receive their sight, the lame walk…”

I’m the one, John.

Don’t search for another Messiah.

Pentecostals, don’t run off after something else.

The ingredients for revival are present!

It is time to look around us! I believe that the next great revival will be a grassroots movement, not apart from the church, but from within it. It will happen when “Christian” is more than a label! It will happen when we discover the reason for the Holy Ghost power which dwells within us! It will happen when the church gets out of doubt’s prison! All of our “I can’ts” must drive God crazy! If you’re waiting on something more than the Holy Ghost, forget it!

Pray. It’s yours to do fervently.

Witness. It’s yours to exercise boldly.

Worship. It’s yours to express wholeheartedly.

Ministry. It’s yours to perform faithfully.

Don’t look elsewhere. Revival is here. It’s in our prayer rooms. It’s in our altars. It’s God’s legacy invested into His saints.

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