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A Bias Towards Words 

Spiritual in perspective, real life feel, abstract, sometimes dated in my style.  I welcome feedback.  I am thick enough in the skin to take criticism…but I am hard enough in the head to do it my way if I choose.  My interests lie in the relevance of subject and in the artfulness of expression.  Connectivity of words and phrases fascinate me.

It is said that the Greeks had a word for it.  Even in 800-500 B. C., the colony of geniuses who inhabited Athens invented a vocabulary in excess of 250,000 words.  Considering the myriad of inventions and innovations that have taken place since then, all of which required names and descriptive terms, the Greek penchant for coining words to express subtlety and nuance was remarkable.  They knew that the more precise the terminology used in communication, the more completely people understand each other. 

I have borrowed the tools and elements of the artist’s domain in the architecture of this website.  While I despise euphemisms and sophistry, I deeply admire clear evidence that a writer has  labored over his choice of words until finding the one word that best conveyed his intended meaning.  Success in this endeavor transcends mere technical aplomb.  It becomes verbal artistry.  Whether or not I have succeeded in the mind of a given reader may be likened to preference people have for one painting over another.  As the painter paints his heart with faith that the viewer will appreciate his work, so the writer writes his heart and leaves the effect up to the reader.