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Etiquette for Today’s Rat Race and Racers

In parking lots, always come to a COMPLETE stop for foot traffic.  Don’t bully people into hurrying along by moving your vehicle forward.

Check what your auto-correct feature has done to your text message before you press send. 

If you have the slightest doubt about a Twitter, Facebook or other social media post, DON’T!  You don’t have to be embarrassed about something stupid you didn’t say.

Drive in the right lane; pass on the left—even on a four-lane highway.  They didn’t build the left lane for drivers to maintain regular speed.

When stopping to drop off a passenger, pull over to the curb.  I know it’s a bother, but it allows traffic to keep flowing.

Your car is equipped with turn signals.  Use them when turning right or left, changing lanes or when passing.

Keep a consistent speed on the highway.  Cruise-control is a marvelous feature.  Use it.

Turn your music down if you have your windows down or your convertible top open—unless you just like being obnoxious. 

Dress appropriately.  If clothes don’t make a difference, then workers, athletes and law enforcement officers should stop wearing uniforms. 

Tailgating is dangerous and provocative.  When you do it, you put your 3,000 lb. machine into potential crash mode, and you will have little or no control over it.

If you keep tailgating, “failure to stop within the assured, clear distance ahead” will be a familiar legal phrase (and expensive).

Respect the weather.  Wet pavement causes aquaplaning, which significantly degrades starting, stopping and controlling your vehicle.

Turning left?  Don’t veer into the turn lane too early.  Drivers in front of you may enter the lane legally, and you may hit them.  Oh, and it will be your fault.

When the sign says “lane closed ahead” move over asap.  Line-cutting is bad, whether you are standing or driving.

If you don’t like traffic congestion, move to the Nunavut Territory with the Innuits. Only .05 persons per square mile live there as opposed to 282 persons per square mile in Ohio. That about 5,650% difference.  (Also, no shopping malls, Starbucks or P. F. Changs.

If you like to sing loudly in church, don’t sit one row behind another worshipper.

Park within the painted lines in the parking lot.  If you park across lines because you don’t want your car door dinged, park as far away as possible. 

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