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Old Books I Treasure

From time to time, I talk about new books that I am reading.  However, there are old books that have been a tremendous source of inspiration to me over the years.  If they are still available in print, you would do yourself a favor to pick them up.  If you are interested, check them out on or else Google them. 

Mastery in the Storm                   Duncan, George          Christian Lit. Cru.    1965

Jack Shuler’s Short Sermons        Shuler, Jack                Zondervan              1952

Conversations with Giants            Prokop, Phyllis             Concordia              1964

The Glossolalia Phenomenon        Horton, Wade ed.        Pathway                 1966

What Meaneth This?                     Brumbeck, Carl            Gospel PH              1947

Hunted Heretic                             Bainton, Roland H.       Beacon                  1953

Celebration of Discipline                Foster, Richard J.         Harper & Row        1988

Trumpet in the Land                     Bennett, William L.        Zondervan            1959

Divorce and Remarriage                Duty, Guy                    Bethany               1957

Adventures in Faith: Abraham       De Haan, M. R.              Zondervan           1953

Portraits of Christ in Genesis         De Haan, M. R.               Zondervan         1966 

Some of these are popular books, written by well known authors, like De Haan and Foster.  Still, you would do well to own a copy for yourself.  I consider the sermon by George Duncan, “The Danger of Illegitimate Desire” an absolute classic.  Nearly all of Jack Schuler’s sermons are repeatable from any pulpit.  The Pentecostal books are relevant because they address common objections to tongues-speaking with scripture and reason.  Some ministers like books from the 19th century or the first part of the 20th century.  I find their writing styles a little too quaint to be useful today, at least to me.  Exceptions include E. M. Bounds, Clarence McCartney. 

I do have many other books that I like, but I condensed the list to these.  I may add to it in a later post.  I will, however, mention a few older authors who have been prolific writers, and almost anything they have written is worth having. 

  • Robert G. Lee
  • Clovis G. Chappell
  • Leonard Ravenhill
  • Paul Rees
  • Halford Luccock
  • Vance Havner
  • David Wilkerson 

Happy reading! 

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