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Things You Can and Cannot Do 

When you are having a rough day, you cannot forget who you are. 

You cannot live another person’s life for him or her.

You cannot suspend the law of sowing and reaping in the lives of others.

You cannot negate your life’s calling because of circumstances beyond your control.

You cannot abandon your personal duties and responsibilities.

If you fail in one area, you do not have to fail in all areas.

You must not judge yourself by someone else’s failure.

If you make one bad decision, you do not have to let it become a pattern.

Things always seem worse than they actually are.

If things can get worse, they probably will.  You have to adjust to the developments.

If things cannot get worse, then they will get better.  You cannot despair.

If you permit it, one heartache can overshadow a thousand joys.  Keep everything in proportion.

You cannot stop loving people even if they disappoint you.

You cannot stop loving all people because you have been crushed by one person.

People who love you will probably continue to love you.

People who stop loving you undoubtedly have other problems as well.

God’s love for you is constant and undiminished.

The more intense the problems become, the more you are driven into the arms of God.

The safest place for you is in the arms of God.


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