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The River 

“There is a river whose streams shall make glad the city of God.” Psalm 46:4 

The river goes back to the creative genius of God.  Even as the artist signs every painting or inserts something into the artwork to reflect his or her nature, the river depicts a physical manifestation of the character of God.  The river bears more resemblance to eternity than any other geographical contour.  The five oceans cover vast expanses of the earth’s surface, but a shoreline of sand or rocks imposes boundaries on every ocean.  Mountains rise to majestic heights from 390 ranges in the world, but though they tower above tree lines and challenge the hardiest climbers to conquer their snowy summits, they fall woefully short of forever.  The seven continents stretch for thousands of miles through the arctic, temperate and tropical zones, but they all stop at the water’s edge.  But the river is eternal.  Although the source may be a subterranean spring or melting snow, although we can identify its source and its discharge into another body of water, and although we can locate its banks, we cannot stop it.  We can dam it, divert it, restrict it and change its course; we can pollute it, pave over it or steal its power for electricity, but we cannot prevent its flow.  It will overcome any obstacle, circumvent any barrier and overwhelm anyone who tries to halt its progress.  There is a divine component to the river that you cannot find in the seas, mountains or earth.  That’s why God is in the midst of the river. 

Every great city in history has been founded upon a river.  Alexandria had its Nile; Rome had its Tiber; Babylon had its Euphrates; London had its Thames and Paris had its Seine.  The river meant commerce, irrigation, transportation, and water supply for the population.  The river is the water of life.  It is a living reminder that there has always been an eternal presence of God.  He has made Himself knowable, findable, accessible and responsive.  In the very beginning God moved upon the face of the waters, and a river flowed to the four corners of the earth.  God is not a long-bearded hermit up in a mountain cave.  He is not flitting among the stars.  He is not still in a human body. Paul says to think of God as a vast, overwhelming river flowing through the world even today.  (2 Corinthians 5:16).

But mankind has abandoned the river.  “For My people have committed two evils: They have forsaken Me, the fountain of living waters, And hewn themselves cisterns—broken cisterns that can hold no water.” Jeremiah 2:11-13.

  • Abortion, or total disrespect for human life.
  • Prayer forbidden in schools, except when being shot at!
  • Sex education, but moral ignorance.
  • Historical revisionism: The past is wrong.
  • Moral relativism: Don’t judge.
  • Progressive education: Let us play with the minds of children.
  • Permissiveness: Never say no and never enforce rules.
  • Freedom of expression: I can say anything I wish.
  • Political correctness: You can’t say anything you wish. 

But God will not be confined to museums!  He is not kept in that big family Bible on the coffee table.  “Whatever God was, He still is!  If He was a healer, He still is a healer!  If He was a savior, He still is a savior!  If He was a miracle-worker, He still is a miracle-worker!  If you ever had an experience with God, cheer up because He can do again! And, whatever He is today, He will to be tomorrow!  He not only IS my healer, He WILL BE my healer!” (David Smith).  His source can’t run dry, His force can’t be stopped, His goal can’t be subverted.

The river flows and rises, but you will not feel the effects of the river until you get in the water!  Everything you need is in The River!  Healing, restoration and miracles.  The distance from you to the river is as far as your faith will take you.  “On the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, saying, ‘If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.’” John 7:37-38.  Come to The River!

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