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The Value of Your Church

church.jpg Have you ever calculated the value of your church? It’s probably far greater than you can imagine. A simple comparison of your church to a local major corporation will easily point this out to you.

A number of years ago, Chrysler Corporation, now owned by an American business mogul, shocked Toledo by threatening to pull the Jeep plant out and move elsewhere. The city responded with an all-out campaign which it called “Toledo Loves Its Jeep!” to keep the plant. Finally, much to the relief and joy of nearly five thousand employees, the headquarters announced that the new plant would stay home, and that they planned to invest 1.5 billion dollars to build it. The loss of Jeep would have removed a piece of history from Toledo . It would have been a blow to community pride. But it was the value of Jeep Corporation to Toledo that ranked highest among the many reasons the city wanted Jeep to stay.

Here’s what Jeep meant to Toledo : jobs for Jeep workers, tax revenue for the city, secondary jobs and business which spring up around Jeep, financial benefits to banks, keeping a large human resource pool in Toledo , and the virtual guarantee of future investment. On the other hand, Jeep’s loss would have thrown thousands out of work, caused many to default on loans and mortgages, brought on a huge loss of retail business, forced many secondary businesses to fold causing further jobs loss, placed whole neighborhoods up for sale, inflicted a negative impact on schools, badly battered our public image, and would have nearly shut off the lights in Toledo.

Some mistakenly equate their church with a retail store, a bank or a business franchise.  These merchants seem to appear and disappear from the commercial landscape with no apparent impact on a local economy.  If this were the case, the success or failure of your church would make little difference to anyone.  But your church is far more than a commercial enterprise.  Like a manufacturing plant, it injects value back into the lives of individuals, families and whole communities.  It supplies the means and the vitality for the quality of life itself.

In light of this, what value does your church represent to you and your city? The more you think about this, the longer the list will grow. The average Apostolic church is a storehouse of priceless spiritual treasures.

  • Preaching and teaching of truth. You know you will hear it straight.
  • A pastor. You get spiritual leadership and compassionate care.
  • Structured accountability. It’s good for you to “toe the line.”
  • The fellowship of believers . Your church is “the belonging place.”
  • Bonding and trust between people . Friends who are there in down times.
  • Visible role models . Pillars in the church to be your example.
  • Serving generations of families . The church is your life.
  • A wholesome segment of your community . A godly people benefits everyone.

What would happen if your church should suddenly disappear? Contrast the above blessings with following tragedies should a church be lost.

  • No consistent delivering of the Word of God.
  • People would drift here and there without spiritual leadership.
  • No accountability or supervision over lives.
  • Disintegration of fellowship.
  • Poor or no bonding between people and families.
  • Weak or no reinforcement of values by role models.
  • Loss of spiritual tradition.
  • Families would lose godliness as their cohesiveness.

There is no doubt that your church plays a deeper, farther-reaching role in your life than you ever imagined. Its loss would incur untold damage for now and eternity.

Don’t permit the direct and indirect blessings of your church to fade from sight. Here are a few ways to keep it alive: Cherish your church; Support your pastor; Strengthen your fellowship ties; Give to spiritual causes; Be an unmovable pillar in your church. Furthermore, never lash out with harsh criticism. Guard against a negative attitude. Don’t get involved in divisive moves. Remind those around you that a loving, unified and revivalistic church represents a treasure of infinite value.

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