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Time-Saving Tips

Develop a habit of putting your everyday items (keys, billfold, checkbook, etc.) in the same place when you turn in for the night.  Okay, even your shoes!

Write down important information, or even potentially important information.  Do it immediately, because you WILL forget!  Distractions will cause your brain to derail, and you will do one of two things.  Either you will never get your thought back, or you will waste valuable time doing it.

Dispose of papers as soon as you are through with them.  Lay them out for urgent action, file them until you need them, or throw them away.

Multi-task.  While you are waiting for your computer to go through a series of maddening updates, do something other than stare at the screen!  The computer won’t mind.  File papers, read the Bible, make a phone call—whatever.  To piggyback on a phrase, time is a terrible thing to waste.

Make lists.  Don’t rush out to the store for the item you need right now until you have written down everything else you need to buy at the store.

Make every trip count.  Not only will you save time by accomplishing several things on the same trip, you will save gas, miles on the odometer, and the agony of frustration.

Make sure you have your hands full.  How many times have you gotten a block or two away only to remember that your phone or checkbook is still lying on the kitchen counter?  Before you walk out the door, remember to remember.

There are lots more of these tips, I’m sure.  You can get tons of them online.  I composed this list as an exercise in wishful thinking!  I have violated every one of them, and I’m positive that I will continue to do so.  Don’t laugh at me.  You’re in the same boat as I am. 

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