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Your Inexorable Future

“If people can’t see what God is doing, they stumble all over themselves.” Proverbs 29:18 (MSG) 

Visions and dreams are often used interchangeably in the Bible. Both can be either from God or the flesh. Jacob was a dreamer.  Joseph was a dreamer. But, even though Peter and Paul had dreams, we do not call them dreamers. We call them visionaries.  Dreams seem to be a premonition of the future. Visions seem to be understandings of the future. Dreams wait to be fulfilled. Visions call for action and active faith.

But the words dream and vision today differ from the language of the Bible. Now, vision relates to tomorrow; dream relates to yesterday. 

Further analysis of visions vs. dreams: Visions are for the future. Dreams are for the past. Dreams are for what used to be or what might have been. Visions are for what has not yet happened or what will be. A dream needs no basis in reality to have value. A vision’s value is precisely because it is based in reality. A dream needs no connection to the present. A vision thrives on its connection to the present. Dreams happen when your eyes are shut. Visions happen with your eyes wide open. 

Joshua and Caleb gave us six musts of vision. (1) They desired to have possession of the land. (2) They believed they had a right to the land. (3) They believed that failure to act was to rebel against the Lord. (4) They believed they could defeat the enemy. (5) They refused to be ruled by fear. (6) They were ready to make their move. 

Your vision is waiting. A vision for yourself.  First of all, you must start acting upon the vision you have for yourself.  A vision for your family.  You don’t work on your vision by telling others what to do.  You work on your vision by investing yourself into your vision. A vision for your ministry

What has God called you to do?  Notice, I didn’t say “called to be.”  Too many of us think to do something, we must be something. False.  You can win souls without thinking of yourself as a soulwinner.  You can witness without being a preacher. You can care for people without being a pastor. You can work in ministry without the title or position of minister.  A vision does not whine, “I want this.” A vision proclaims, “I see this.” A vision does not lament, “If only I had this.” A vision announces, “I will get this done.” Going after your vision will not be easy. “For it is a day of trouble … and of perplexity by the Lord GOD of hosts in the valley of vision, breaking down the walls.” Isaiah 22:5. 

Everybody can dream. Vision requires something more. Dreams may be nothing more than fantasy. Visions are ventures of faith. Dreams are cheap. Visions are expensive. Unfulfilled dreams often fade without a second thought. Unfulfilled visions lead to extreme discontent and frustration. When you say “I will do this or that” you are expressing your vision. When you say “I will not do this or that” you are also expressing your vision. You must have a vision for the future.  You cannot dream about it.  If you dream about the future, you are treating it as if it were the past.  Dreams deceive one with a sense of rest and fulfillment. Visions demand high energy, commitment and work.  

A vision (1) desires, (2) believes, (3) acts, (4) overcomes, (5) defies and (6) prepares.  So now, make up your mind: A dream or a vision:  which one do you want? The future will happen with or without a vision or not. Without a vision, you will perish. With a vision, you will flourish. Which do you want?  Perish or flourish?

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