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It’s All a Reality Show

Pardon me while I lean over the porcelain throne for a moment.  Garbage, inedible brain food, idiocy attired in sartorial elegance … and whatever else could be said of it, it has pushed my stomach and brain to the point of revolt.  In the old days of discriminating editors, it would never make it past file thirteen, let alone see print.  Today, anyone can gather up the loose ends of irresponsible insouciance, punch keys to express his or her bizarre thoughts, dress them up with stylistic fonts, decorate the results with dazzling graphics, post it on a free-lance website, and voila!  Published! Yea!  Sickening!

Having just subscribed to one of these websites where anything goes, I’m as red and blue as any state on a pollster’s map.  From saccharine apologies of Hillary Rodham Clinton to unreadable retchings of Donald Trump reviews, this political season has turned into sewage on the wrong side of the city treatment plant.  But, no surprise, people.  It is only a reflection of the country’s culture.  Take a look at the reality shows like the Kardashians, the raw subject matter of Comedy Central, the daily offerings of Bravo and A&E, and the verbal and physical brawls on the confrontation shows that feature DNA testing of fathers, intra-family affairs, and all things promiscuous.  You will soon see where Americans’ minds dwell. 

Yet, I do see the humor in the tragedy.  Holier-than-thou?  Those who feign outrage at the candidates act as though they don’t condone the same sort of junk in other venues.  The people who flocked to see Fifty Shades of Grey—whose star was nominated for an Oscar Award—are disgusted with Donald Trump?  Really?  The adoring fans of Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus can’t stomach Hillary?  Hey, folks!  Donald and Hillary represent a slice of America, right out of the heart of the culture.  If you don’t get them, you don’t get us.  That is, if you play the game.  Don’t say “they’re sick” unless you say “we’re sick.”

I feel better now.  I’m not saying how I’ll feel in eight days. 

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