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The Trajexion Conference

What is the Trajexion Conference difference?  This unique conference has been designed to be an intensely practical experience for pastors and their church staffs.  It combines high energy with a low-key approach, and blends seasoned wisdom of veteran church planters with innovative, adventurous spiritual entrepreneurs. The information presented to attendees is cutting edge, immediately usable and effective.  The format of presentations followed by collaboration encourages church staffs to talk about how to apply the principles and ideas they’ve just heard.  Presentations will be spiritual and anointed, but the emphasis will be on application rather than inspiration.    

Those who attend the Trajexion Conference are already highly motivated and inspired to make a difference in the Kingdom of God.  They lead revivalist churches, but they believe that more can and should be done to reach the world.  They are searching for a keener understanding of their challenges and they may be one or two steps from a breakout phase.  The presenters at Trajexion will help them to analyze their status quo, point out problem areas, and assist in creating winning strategies. 

The Trajexion Conference embraces the real future, not the future we hope it will be, or not a future that looks suspiciously like the past.  The real future consists of changing demographics, a burgeoning class of minorities, differing social and cultural experiences and radical departure from the values of yesteryear.  We believe in meeting this future with timeless truths of the Bible and the power of the Holy Spirit.  Our convictions are not based on so-called progressive ideas of today, but on the tumultuous history of the Book of Acts.  It may be difficult to imagine, but the early church survived an ethnic crisis and a deadly political climate that posed a greater threat than anything we have faced.  They made it through these potential catastrophes by bucking their prejudices and maintaining an unshakeable confidence in the power of God to sustain them.  If we may be so bold, we believe that if you don’t like people of color, you won’t like the future.  If you don’t like changes in music, worship styles, costume, décor, architecture, terminology and methodology, you won’t like the future.

The Trajexion Conference believes that the world is the field.  The field that is white to harvest may look dangerous, strange, inconvenient and totally outside our comfort zones.  The field may look like something to reject, not hug.  But, we cannot cherry-pick our venues of preference and pretend that the rest of the world doesn’t exist.  They do exist, with all their addictions, their convoluted ideas, their habits and hang-ups, their poverty, their wounds, their loves and their hatreds.  As fishers of men, we need anglers training to know how to catch every species out there, regardless of the risks involved.

Trajexion is thoroughly optimistic that we can do this.  One only has to look at the world of business, sports, entertainment, humanitarian concerns and faith-based initiatives, to see success.  Too many people are having too much success for us to ignore.  The obstacles may be big, but why should we try to make them even bigger?  Why should we magnify our enemies or bury ourselves under a mountain of our fears?  Through the power of God, the Word of God and a faith-infused ministry, we will see great things happen!

The Trajexion Conference, November 15-17, 2017, Ft. Wayne, IN, Abundant Life Church.  Join us!

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