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On a personal note...

Many of you know that I am making a major change in my life’s work.  As of May 19, 2013, I will hand over the reins of the First Apostolic Church and assume the auspicious title of Bishop.  (I am still trying to find out exactly what that means.)  I do know that I will be able to devote more time to the great Ohio District, travel a little more, plus give myself more to my writing ministry.  Some of the posts on this blog have fleshed this transition out, and I hope they have generated a few ideas for others who are contemplating a similar move.  The date of transition marks a full thirty years as Senior Pastor, and forty years since joining the staff of FAC as Assistant Pastor to Fred Kinzie. 

Kris Dillingham has been elected as the new Senior Pastor of the church.  He is already doing an incredible job in the limited role he has had as Associate Pastor for the last few months.  If you want to meet him, go to and see his video clip on the home page of the website.  He brings a wealth of experience and talent in evangelism, church planting and congregation building, as well as knowledge of business as an executive in a major corporation.  Just the prospect of change has caused much excitement and an increase in attendance.  We believe the future of the church is secure and promising.

I plan to keep Toledo as my home, but my travels will probably take me away from the church to a great extent.  The new pastor doesn’t need me breathing down his neck and interfering with his leadership.  First Apostolic Church is a great church.  The sky is the limit.  My heart is full of gratitude for the many wonderful years it has given to me and my family.  Thanks to all of the beautiful people here who allowed me to practice my ministry on them.  God bless every one of them!  I will probably blog a little more about my rich experience as their pastor. 

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a tee time scheduled.

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Reader Comments (1)

Bro. Jordan:

There is so much I could write here, but I just want to personally congratulate you on your promotion to Bishop. Sounds like a BIG DEAL! :)

I am so thankful that all my years at FAC were under your leadership. I owe so much of my spiritual foundation to you. Thank you.

I pray you the best of everything in your transition and beyond.

I love you,

May 17, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSandy Cooper

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