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LE90X: The Next Step in Spiritual Fitness

What is LE90X?

LE90X stands for Life Essentials, 90 Days, X-treme.  It is a challenging, inner-healing training program for the total person, specifically designed to pound core spiritual values into your life.  Included in the materials are a comprehensive self-assessment survey, a daily training plan, an instructional manual which includes nutrition and physical exercise information, and access to a website (now under construction) packed with motivational and instructional help.  Starting with a 21 day introductory course, the participant can go on to complete the full three month regimen.  The results will be amazing!

LE90X:  Where do we start?

Spirituality means many things to many people.  LE90X embraces the core concept that God created man to be a spiritual being housed in a physical body.  This simple definition works best for those who want to pursue the basics of spirituality through this program.

If the essence of our being is spiritual, then we must start our regimen by focusing on spirituality.  This is not easy.  The physical body is dominated by a powerful set of senses that seek to control us.  We do not ignore our physical nature, but we also understand that the things that really make life worth living do not exist in the physical, but the spiritual realm.

LE90X has been developed to make spirituality the driving force in life.  This cannot be done by human effort alone.  It requires a deep belief in God and a commitment to His will and ways.  Like physical exercise, the more we exercise our spiritual faculties, the more we can attain spiritual fitness.  It’s no more complicated than that.

The Heart of LE90X

LE90X does not replace the need for churches and pastors as traditional venues of worship and discipleship.  These spiritual provisions are ordained in the Word of God.  Preaching and teaching, however, do not always translate into basic training.  Many Christians know what they should be doing, but they lack the tools and discipline to execute the things they know.  This is the niche that LE90X can fill. 

The LE90X program is thoroughly Christian in its basic doctrinal position.  It incorporates the Bible and prayer as fundamental components of every spiritual exercise, intending to draw participants closer to Jesus Christ.  We recognize that true spiritual power comes from the Holy Spirit.  LE90X is designed to help individuals become much more effective in their personal spiritual journey.  At the same time, there is no attempt at deep theology nor an analytical treatment of Scripture.

The heart of LE90X lies in its strategy to incorporate discipline, Scripture and specific principles into the participant’s life.  The outcome is a transformation of a person’s attitude and state of mind.  Every day, LE90X exposes and attacks toxic ideas, replaces them with positive principles, and shows how to make them permanent. 

This is what people are saying after one week of the LE90X experience:

“I resisted it at first.  Then, I saw what it did to my relationship with my kids.  I’m sold.”  J. C.

“I hugged my grown son in the parking lot of his work.  We cried and prayed.”  J. S.

“This is like spring training.”  K. Z.

“It set the tone for spiritual thinking all day.”  R. K.

“It opened up the door for me to talk to my Mom.  Amazing results!”  J. K.

“Next time, tell us how mad we were going to make the devil!”  C. C.

“I would never have done these things without the LE90X regimen.  Thank you!”  K. C.

LE90X is now progressing through the pilot phase.  We expect it to be released in the summer of 2011.  More details will follow as we get closer to the date.  Stay tuned!

J. Mark Jordan

Keith L. Smith




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Reader Comments (1)

Well, I heard about the physical side so I decided to start working out a few weeks ago, just to be prepared :)

March 14, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterTracy

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