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Can I Follow You? 

“Whose faith follow, considering the end of their conversation.”  Hebrews 13:8 

This phrase that we find inserted into a verse on leadership, “whose faith follow” forms the basis for the question, “Can I Follow You?”  The question does not ask permission, but rather, it is a rhetorical question that considers whether one is worthy to be a leader.  It is “should I follow you,” or “would it be wise to follow you?” 

Horror stories abound of unsuspecting people led astray by the new technological marvels of our advanced times.  GPS devices installed in vehicles or held in hands can make even the most directionally-challenged among us locate our target like a heat-seeking missile.  The problem is that it doesn’t always work so well.  Tall buildings cause the satellite signals to bounce around and create chaos for the devices.  Digital maps uploaded into the devices may be out of date.  And road construction or rush hours can fool GPS’s. 

A faulty GPS is one thing.  But, there are other ways to be misled that cause much more severe consequences.  I’m talking about flesh and blood leaders.  Following a person that subscribes to a variant philosophy or whose integrity is suspect is far more serious.  Take the case of Dr. Timothy Leary who led an entire generation astray by turning them on to hallucinogenic drugs.  His medium of communication?  Music.   Music is probably the number one medium by which the last two generations have been reached.  If you came of age in the seventies or eighties, your music, whether you realized it or not, was inspired by Timothy Leary’s influence.  If you were a teenager in the nineties or the 2000’s, much of the rock music had its roots in the drug culture as advocated by Leary.  A little influence has wide repercussions.  Millions of teens lost their morals, their minds—and some lost their lives—by following one man they thought had the answers to today’s questions.  Misguided personalities have influenced millions of people and changed the course of history and popular culture.  

Leadership cannot be avoided.  It is a part of the human experience.  We need solid, moral leaders who will know the way, show the way and go the way for us.  But the Bible has its own standard for leaders.  Followership, is no stranger to Bible believers.  We trace it back to Jesus himself. He is the One who stands out as supreme.  Peter called Him the “Shepherd and Bishop of our souls.” John called him “Alpha, Omega, the beginning and the ending, the first and the last.”  Paul said He was “the image of the invisible God.”  Jesus Himself said, “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.” Matthew 16:24.  

You can follow Jesus. He will never lead you astray or never do you harm. He will lead you all the way to heaven. Yes, He may lead you through the valley.  Keep following Jesus. Through trials and tribulations.  Keep following Jesus. Through times of sacrifice and suffering.  Keep following Jesus. Through chaotic times.  Keep following Jesus. Though earthly leaders disappoint you.  Keep following Jesus. He will lead you to Gethsemane.  Keep following Jesus. He will lead you to the cross.  Keep following Jesus.  He will lead you into a tomb.   Keep following Jesus. But, He will lead you out of the tomb.  Keep following Jesus. He will lead you to the Bethany of ascension.  Keep following Jesus. He will direct you to an Upper Room.  Keep following Jesus. He will lead you to an eternal home on high.  Keep following Jesus.

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Reader Comments (1)

Thank You! ..had just finished reading and was prayerfully meditating on your writing, when Betty Jo called. We both agreed that you are so 'smart' and we're blessed to know you. ;) She says to say 'hello.' So many scriptures, songs, etc. that come to mind that would be in agreement with this encouraging post, but, I'll just leave Betty Jo's greeting to you (and Sis. J)

February 8, 2018 | Unregistered Commenterfran

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