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Drivers, PLEASE…Just DO IT!!!

crash.jpgI’ve been waiting for the government to put up safe driving signs, but so far they haven’t seen the need. I see lots of signs telling drivers what NOT to do, but very few telling them what they should do. They tell us to buckle our seat belts, but don’t tell us how to avoid the crash that makes seat belts necessary. I’m tired of waiting. Here’s my list.

Keep up a steady speed. Don’t go 55, then 50, then 65, then 55, then 70! You are driving every driver who shares the roadway with you crazy!

Use your turn signals. You’re not going to like someone slamming into the rear of your car…and the person who hits you isn’t going to like it either.

Stay a safe distance behind the car ahead. One car length for each ten miles per hour is a good rule of thumb. Sooner or later, tailgating is going to get you in big trouble. You could kill someone…or yourself.

Drive in the right lane and pass in the left lane…only! Also, when you pull out in the left lane to pass, then PASS for Pete’s sake! Don’t pull even with and match the speed of the car on the right. If you want to drive the same speed as that car, you can do it just as well in back or in front of it.

When you merge into traffic, do it right. If you are ahead of the parallel car, accelerate to get in the traffic flow. If you are behind, slow down and get in the traffic behind the car. Don’t compete for the exact same spot.

If you see a YIELD sign, it means what it says. If you said speed up, you’re wrong. If you said merge at traffic speed, you’re wrong. If you said YIELD, you guess it right. The traffic in the lane you’re trying to enter has the right-of-way. That means slow down and wait for an opening.

If the pavement is wet or icy, slow down. You must respect the physics of wet or slippery pavement. You cannot stop as quickly as you can on dry pavement. You have a greater chance of sliding. If you slide, you may strike another car, a bicycle, a light pole, or another person.

Drive the minimum speed. Drivers have a reasonable expectation of moving at a legal speed to get to their destination. People have time schedules and appointments. If you are looking for an address or you are unsure of your directions, don’t slow down or stop in the middle of the roadway. You are endangering other drivers when you do! Pull over to the side and figure it out.

Use your rear view and side view mirrors. If you cannot see adequately with your mirrors, turn your head and look around you. It is your obligation to know what the traffic is like at all times.

Remember, if you’re driving erratically, making unexpected turns, tailgating, hogging the left lane, paying no attention to yield signs, going too fast in the rain, crawling along slower than the speed limit and clueless about other drivers on the roadway, then beware! You are a major cause of road rage! The only reason you haven’t had an accident yet is because the other drivers have been skillful enough to avoid you. One of these days, you are going to meet up with a driver who is as bad as you are. May God have mercy on your souls!

Readers, if you agree with this article, copy it and send it out everywhere! 

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