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A Deeper Look Into the Blood of Christ

I. Introduction

A. Eat no blood. Lev. 7:26-27

B. The blood is the life of the gospel. Heb. 4:12

C. The life is in the blood.

1. Lev. 17:11

2. Lev. 17:14

II. The Physiology of the Blood.

A. Fluid and mobile, flowing to all parts of the body.

B. Maintains every cell.

1. Nourishment.

2. Cleansing.

3. Without blood, the cell dies.

III. The Blood of Christ.’

A. We are members (cells) of the body of Christ.

B. Our relationship to the other members and the head is the blood.

IV. We are all related by the blood. Acts 17:26

A. We all have common origin in Adam.

B. God breathed into Adam “the breath of life” Gen. 2:7

C. There is a relationship between breath and blood. Lev. 17:11

D. Adam died of “blood poisoning” Gen. 2:17

E. Man died spiritually, that is, something happened to the blood.

1. Sin affected the blood of man, and indirectly, his body.

2. Sin is transmitted to the flesh by the blood.

3. Therefore, in Adam, all have sinned. Rom. 5:12

V. The Question of the Sinless Christ. Heb. 4:15

A. Question: How could Christ be Adam’s son and yet be without sin?

B. Question: How could Christ partake of Adam’s flesh, and not partake of Adam’s sin?

C. God found a way by which Jesus could be a perfect human being, but not have a drop of Adam’s blood in his veins.

VI. The Power of the Blood

A. Hebrews 9:13-14

B. Structure of the blood.

1. Plasma (liquid)

2. Platelets

3. Erythrocytes (red blood cells or hemoglobin) Its function is to carry the oxygen and take away the garbage.

C. Jesus Christ is our supply 1 John 1:7

D. Leucocytes (white blood cells) They fight infection. Rev. 12:10-11.


VII. Sin can only be cured by an application of sinless blood.

A. Hebrews 9:17-23

B. Note: We are not made sinners in Eve, but in Adam.

1. We are transgressors according to Adam’s seed. Rom 5:14; 1 Cor 15:22. This is true even though Eve was the transgressor! 1 Tim. 2:14.

2. Jesus, however, is called the Seed of the Woman.

a. Gen. 3:15

b. Gal. 4:4

c. If sin is in the blood, then Jesus could not have Adam’s blood in him. There was only one possibility: Jesus had to be born of a woman, but not by man.

VIII. God’s Perfect Lamb

A. Blood of bulls and goats not enough. Heb. 10:1-4

B. Is the blood of Jesus still in existence?

1. 1 Peter 1:18-19

2. Acts 2:27


IX. The Virgin Birth

A. Matthew 1:18-23 (Isaiah 7:14)

B. Jesus was conceived in the womb of a virgin Jewish maiden, wholly apart from any generation by a human father.

C. Origin of the blood.

1. The mother does not supply the blood. (No intermingling)

2. The blood always comes from the father.

D. Jesus partook of the flesh, but not of the blood. Heb. 2:14.

1. Partakers: to share fully

2. Took part: taking part in something outside oneself, take part but not all.

E. Divine blood. Romans 1:3 (Mary contributed the body.)

F. Innocent Blood. Matthew 27:4

G. Incorruptible, therefore justifying blood. Romans 5:8-9.

H. Jesus Christ, in full, plenary, effacacious redemption, provided for every aspect of our salvation by shedding his blood on the cross for us.

I. Rejection of the blood is like severing the rope by which you hang suspended over the chasm of a godless eternity. Hebrews 10:26-29.



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