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Term Papers and Essays That Your University Professor Will Love

usconstitution.gif(You’ll Get An “A” Just For the Topic)

The U. S. Constitution: A Twisted Document
The Constitution: Living or Dead?
George Washington’s Dark Side
The Aristocratic Roots of Capitalism
European Success with Liberal Democracies
The Influence of “Landed Gentry” on the Bill of Rights
The Unjust Demonization of Communism
Is Freedom Fair?
The Federal Government and Exploitation of the War on Drugs
Can the Religious Right Control America?
What’s Right With Castro’s Cuba?
Repeal the Second Amendment Now!
Marching Toward Utopia: The Redistribution of Wealth
The Role of the Media in Shaping Political Outcomes
The Social Burden of the Supreme Court
Electoral College or Popular Vote?
Religious Repression: The Social History of Christianity
Why Public Education Must Stay Public
Karl Marx: A Sympathetic Portrait
How Communism Might Have Succeeded In Russia
The United Nations: An Inevitable Hegemony
Waging Peace: Creating a New Army
The New Imperialists: American Business Takes Aim at Global Markets
Competition in Transition
Social Justice Uber Alles
Neo-Nazis by Other Names: Naming the Bigots
Why Terrorism? The Guilt of America
The Tyranny of the Majority
A Return to the Pristine Wilderness
The Plot to Keep the White House White

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