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Thoughts and One Liners for the New Year

Communism is about to kill the goose of capitalism in order to get the golden egg.  After dinner, it will relax, pick its teeth and belch, too stupid to fathom the loss of future golden eggs.

The economy is human behavior that can no more be controlled than human psychology or sociology.  

Communism:  Government for Dummies

In communist governments, dummies who are not smart enough to produce decide who will produce and what will be produced.  The smart people end up leaving the system. 

Communism is the modern equivalent to pre-Civil War slavery.  One family owns the plantation; all the slaves work for  their food, clothing and shelter.  Slaves who want more than these necessities are greedy, selfish and evil.  The master decides who gets rewarded, who gets special privileges, and who lives or dies.

Communists bad-mouth capitalists, but when communism wins over capitalism, the new capitalists are the communists!

He controls the most is to be feared the most.

The more help you get from government, the less you will help yourself.

Big government first helps, then supports, then finally controls.

Big government is worse than big business because big government has armies and voters to enforce its rules.


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