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Can I Get Back With You Later?

michael+phone.jpgThese days, the ubiquitous phone may as well be surgically implanted into our ears. This incredible invention has gone from a curiosity to a convenience to a necessity. Now, an entire culture of phone protocol has sprung up around it, supported by books, tapes, videos and expensive seminars whose brochures provide weekly fodder for my wastebasket.. We now speak knowingly of being “on hold”, recording voice mail, dialing 911, playing phone tag, teleconferencing, phone cards, call-waiting, using caller-ID, losing the cell, expanding through telemarketing and other forms of speech that are spin-offs from our relationship with the telephone. Much of our dialogue with people takes place on the phone.

Getting rid of unwanted calls has matured into an art form. What no doubt began as a polite way to excuse oneself, certain strategies no longer fool anyone. We now know what it means when someone says to us, “Uh-h-h, Can I get back with you later?” Bearers of good news seldom get that response. Why? Because it means, “You annoy me. I’m not interested. Next time you call, I’ll be busy.” That’s why husbands and wives don’t say that to each other over the phone. Boyfriends and girlfriends wouldn’t think of saying it. It’s almost always reserved for people with whom we’d rather not speak.

Yet, in their response to God, many people resort to the same thinly disguised strategy. “Thanks for calling, God, but can I get back with you later?” My question is this: If we aren’t fooled when we hear it said to us, why do we believe God will be fooled?” In reality, it’s dissing the Almighty—-not the best thing to do. It’s only code language for the following messages:

“I thought I made it clear the last time—-I’m not interested!”

“You’re a huge, unwelcome interruption, God.”

“I’ll put you on the waiting list.”

“I’ve only got so much to give—-and you’re out of luck.”

“Do me a favor and lose my number.”

“I could kill the person who took this call.”

Remember, before you put God off, His is no pesky, trivial call. You will never, ever receive a more important message in your life. He’s calling to warn you about that upcoming tragedy, or to speak peace to your chaotic life, or to show you the path to boundless blessing.

Talk to Him. He’s the source of miracles, signs and wonders. He’s ready to introduce you to the most satisfying and fulfilling relationship possible in this life—-Christ in you, the hope of Glory. Talk to Him. He’s got answers to questions, secrets to reveal, promises to give, joys to dispense and love to share. Talk to Him. You’ve got time.

The devil will steal your time, not God. He makes you give your time to Him. Instead of saying, “Can I get back with you later?” why don’t you say something far better. Something like—-

“God, what a pleasure to talk to you. I’ve been waiting for your call. Talk to me. I’m listening.”

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