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Signs of the Times

keep_off.jpg Sorry for the play on words, but did you ever notice how the signs posted around our environment are so relevant to real life? Although they were written for one purpose, it often seems like they cover a lot of additional territory as well. We have a sign in our church printing office, copied from an actual road sign in rural England that says, “Keep Thin.” I assume it means the same thing as “ Narrow Bridge ,” but it sure applies to our diet-conscious generation in America . Look at this list of common signs that regulate life in general.

Keep Off the Grass . Human beings and marijuana don’t mix.
No Parking Anytime. Don’t park by trouble, defeat, doubt, worry or fear.
Slow: Children Crossing. Be an example to the children. They’re watching.
No Driving On Shoulders . Stay away from life’s edges. You’ll slide off.
Sharp Curves Ahead. When life’s road bends, take it slowly or you will flip out.
In Case of Fire, Use Stairway. Old-fashioned ways may serve you best.
Take A Number. Don’t cut in line to get ahead. Impatience reaps a thin crop.
Caution: Wet Floor. You just can’t always go where you want to go right now.
Dead End. Nice street …waste of time. And, you’ll have to back your way out.
No Edge Lines. Don’t count on somebody else to always watch out for you.
Quiet: Hospital Zone. Healing in progress. Be understanding, not demanding.
One Way. You can’t always choose your direction. God’s way is the only way.
Hidden Drive. Prepare yourself for the unforeseen circumstances.
Construction Zone. All of us travel through an incomplete, imperfect world.
Run-a-way Lane. Make room for the out-of-control person. Don’t get run over.
Don’t Feed the Bears. Cute and cuddly situations may eat you alive.
Hazardous Materials. Why play around with tobacco, alcohol or drugs?
Stop! Look! Listen! Take responsibility for your own safety.
Scenic View. Taking in the scenery is part of the trip. Appreciate it.
Fasten Seat Belt. You are not above the law of physics.
Watch Your Speed: We Are. Eventually, lawbreakers get caught.
No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service. Maintain a certain sense of dignity.
Beware of Dog. Approach every unknown situation with a degree of caution.
Turn Motor Off Before Refueling . One spark may cause a great conflagration.
Bump. Nothing is ever 100% smooth. Expect some opposition along the way.
For Sale . Ultimately, all dreams get expressed in dollars and cents.
Read Before Signing. Whether or not you trust the person, read the fine print.
Walk/Don’t Walk. Wait your turn. Oncoming traffic may not see you.
Rest Area Ahead. Take a break when you can. Eventually, you will need one.
Check Out Time 12:00 Noon . You can’t stay forever. Move on.
Private Drive. Sometimes, it’s just none of your business.
Don’t Litter. Don’t foul up the lives of others with your garbage.
No Children Allowed. Preserve innocence. Keep grown-up issues from kids.
Express Lane Only. The simpler you keep your life, the easier it will be.
Batteries Not Included. Don’t look to others for motivation.
Pay Here. Eliminate entitlement thinking. Pay your own way.
Rental Car Return. Never forget the kindnesses others have given to you.
Handicap Parking. Give some advantage to the less fortunate.
Stop At Office. Directions and permission make your time more enjoyable.

These signs, and others, exist for our benefit. They warn, protect, and inform us about the conditions around us. As we travel farther down the road of life, the more we understand how important they are. Pay special attention to God’s signs he has posted along your path. His word will guide you through the dangers of life and you will see the sign, “Pearly Gates Just Ahead!”

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