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How Do We Know That You Know What You Are Talking About and What You Are Going To Do When You Take Office?

Hilarious, sad, stupid, ignorant and downright unbelievable. I’m talking about radio talk shows, media commentators, reporters, editorialists, political pundits, and partisan party hacks across the board. Probably the most honest commentary I’ve heard recently was a Bill Moyers clip when he was interviewing Tom Brokaw. His main point? “I really don’t know Barack Obama.” Rope-a-doped, Tom agreed. “No. We really know nothing about his core beliefs.” (Of course, that didn’t stop them from campaigning and voting for him.) The sheer volume of spin, disinformation and propaganda out there is formidable.

I have zilch respect for the words-for-dollars, stories-for-votes, all-the-smart-people-agree-with-me-anyway media who are either so jaded or so brainwashed that they produce their junque blatantly, in full view of their consumers. They have no idea that the back of their hospital gowns are gaping open. It’s like they keep jabbering away with a glob of mayo clinging to the corner of their mouths and the rest of us keep motioning for them to wipe it off but to no avail. I’m convinced that they actually despise facts, at least any facts that prove their stories embarrassingly wrong. And these are the people who act as the official clearing houses for the truth.

This isn’t just about Barack Obama. He looms as the biggest visible target, but he is only one of many people in government who make critical decisions. We should make a concerted effort to educate ourselves about them, whether elected or appointed, as we can. Obviously, we have to concern ourselves with those who will directly impact our lives on a personal and a citizenship level. I admit that the job may be nearly impossible. The public access to crucial information has become extremely limited due to privacy laws, plus a fair amount of deliberate subterfuge to keep many facts hidden. But we can at least discern whether or not we are being told the truth or being sold a bill of goods.

The political party to which one belongs defines the broad outlines of a person’s principles. This may be vague, but we’re forced to start there because the person in question ostensibly ascribes to the party’s position. Do you really know what a party believes? Do you agree with the platform in every respect? Does the candidate or appointee embrace every plank of the platform or does he or she openly disagree with one or several of them?

Here are some other important questions. They may or may not matter to you, but each question does have some value on a sliding scale of relevance. I have noted some reasons for the questions to connect the relevancy dots.

  • How old is the person? (Generation gap, youth culture familiarity)
  • Is the person male or female? (Gender issues, philosophical viewpoint)
  • Is this person a member of a minority group? (Racial issues, activist interests)
  • How much life experience does this person have? (Success, failure, breadth of interests)
  • What pivotal experiences does this person have? (Tragedy, abuse, financial loss or gain)
  • Where was this person born and raised?
  • What do former neighbors think about this person or family?
  • What experience in public life?
  • Who are this person’s mentors?
  • Who are this person’s confidantes and associates?
  • What college or university did this person attend?
  • What was this person’s major?
  • Does this person have any renowned teachers or professors?
  • Does this person have a paper trail of essays, term papers or theses?
  • Has this person contributed to journals, magazines or newspaper literature?
  • What causes has this person joined or backed?
  • From whom did this person accept campaign contributions?
  • Does this person have military experience?
  • Was this person a union member or the member of a guild?
  • Was this person a member of a secret society or lodge?
  • What professional associations or group memberships does this person have?
  • On what sports teams, if any, did this person play?
  • What do former schoolmates, college roommates or teammates say about him or her?
  • What jobs has this person held?
  • What opinions do former bosses and co-workers have of this person?
  • Does this person have any strong or out-spoken convictions?
  • Has this person had any physical, mental or emotional issues in the past?
  • Has this person had any legal issues to deal with in the past?
  • What legislation has this person backed if he or she was in public office?

These are things I can think of off the top of my head. And, I don’t do this for a living. How much more thorough and exhaustive should the media be who have professional credentials in the field? Even extreme partisan hacks should want to know the answers to many questions. We are not hiring a person just to do a job. We are hiring them to make critical and binding decisions about our lives, our possessions, our jobs, our money, our families, our religion and our freedom. The moment we hire them we give them the power to destroy us if they so choose. The position we offer them comes as close to having absolute authority over us as we may ever experience in this life. We have a paramount interest in making sure this person knows what he or she is talking about.

Any candidate who stonewalls, objects to the line of questioning, lies, equivocates or refuses to answer questions should be disqualified for the job from the get-go. The gravity of the position demands the most stringent and tough questions we can ask. We have a right to know as much as is humanly possible about a person in public office. We give up this right at our own peril.


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Reader Comments (1)

Hello Pastor – Greetings in Jesus name. It’s me again.

"We should make a concerted effort to educate ourselves about them, whether elected or appointed, as we can."

"Any candidate who stonewalls, objects to the line of questioning, lies, equivocates or refuses to answer questions should be disqualified for the job from the get-go. The gravity of the position demands the most stringent and tough questions we can ask. We have a right to know as much as is humanly possible about a person in public office. We give up this right at our own peril."

You are absolutely right on the mark this time. May I suggest that you take this article and teach it there at First Apostolic. You have many there sitting under your influence that believe that if someone speaks truth regarding poor leadership that they are speaking against God. I do not believe that God would have us praying to bless poor leaders (including those in the “Church”) and keep tyrants, dictators, etc. in positions of authority. God gave us a mind to make decisions based upon the facts.

I wonder how many individuals there are who didn’t heed your own words above and voted for Bush? God brings to mind the example of King Saul. He wasn’t God’s choice to lead Israel but is what the people wanted. God gave Israel what they wanted knowing full well what the end result would be. Sometimes God gives us what we want, or allows it, to show us that it wasn’t what He wanted!!! So was it “ordained” of God to allow Bush to be elected president? Yes. But it wasn’t what God wanted for America. God wants responsible leadership that is God focused and not God based for they are 2 totally different directions. You see, the majority of our politicians are God based (I believe in God) and not God focused (leading Godly lives). They claim to be “Christians” but are not. They claim to be “born again” and are not. A sibling of mine stated they would rather vote for someone who “believes” in God rather than someone who is liberal therefore associating liberals with Godlessness. How ignorant and narrow minded. It is amazing how many have chose to ignore the truth regarding Bush or better yet, could there have been a “veil” over their eyes?

Just the other day, I was on facebook and noticed many of your flock, particularly the women, stating that their hero is Palin. I would challenge you to ask those individuals why is she their hero and most, if not all, would say that she is a “Christian”. Palin is not born again – she is not baptized in Jesus name. Does she have the Holy Ghost? I don’t know. Just because someone has the Holy Ghost does not mean that they are born again. The slander and lies that came out of her mouth during the election campaign indicates a lack of “good fruit”. She is arrogant and has allowed herself and her family to abuse her position of authority. She sits under a Pastor who is trinitarian and a nationalist who has openly supported the doctrines of the Bush administration. He and many religious leaders falsely prophesied regarding Palin. She is corrupt and tainted and has no business being in a position of leadership. When someone states that they are a “Christian” I always look to see what their doctrine is. If it is not the EXACT SAME doctrine of those first called “Christians”, Barnabas & Saul, then unfortunately, they are not “Christians” by the biblical definition and standard.

I have family members that have stated to me that God told them to vote for Bush because he is a “Christian”. I countered with God has shown me that he is not fit to lead our nation and I will not vote for him. Additionally, I have never heard or read of Bush ever stating that he was Acts 2:38. So when the Supreme Court ignored the will of the people and gave Bush his first term my family members gloated and implied that I had gone against God’s will. I then stated to them that God will prove him to be the wrong leader for our nation and expose him for what he is. Then came the next election. He intentionally through a concentrated effort slandered John McCain. Was that the act of a “Christian”? The Bush family has always coveted the White House starting with Prescott Bush. You would be remiss if you chose not to acknowledge the Bush-Saudi connection that is also prevalent throughout corporate America. Particularly with the military industrial complex that permeates our economy.

In an earlier post you were speaking very negatively about Obama. I need to admonish you to take a step back and ask yourself the question – can Obama do any worse than Bush? Let’s wait and judge him by his “fruits” (Matt 7:15-20) – the TRUE test of character. Regardless of political parties and differences, our nation is broke and will not get any better unless we put God back in governing.

In Jesus Name,

An American

December 29, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterAn American

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